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Thread: About Mechanics of Ectoplasm Production and Handling

  1. About Mechanics of Ectoplasm Production and Handling

    From the viewpoint of Astral Dynamics Community, ¿what's ectoplasm and what can be done with it?

    From a classical viewpoint, I know its a Medium's (individual practitioner of such stuff production) practice related stuff.
    ¿Are knowledge from Robert Bruce enough to produce and handle it?

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    Re: About Mechanics of Ectoplasm Production and Handling

    Ectoplasm is "polite energy" just as prana is "human energy" or mana is "dreaming energy" - but you don't get too many people being polite in original ways. Try me, I am an ecto-master and I can tell you - there is no one in this universe who comes to me as though negative!

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    Re: About Mechanics of Ectoplasm Production and Handling

    Ectoplasm in the literature is something that ghosts can apparently materialize, some sort of condensation. I think in modern jargon ectoplasm could be called 'concentrated quantum foam', if you believe that it exists. I'm not sure it does.
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