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Thread: Getting out of cult question

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    Getting out of cult question

    I was initiated into a magical organization in 2014. Shortly afterward I nearly died in a mental hospital while trying to free myself from this magical group. I suffered neck injurie and brain injuries that later showed up on medical tests. These seemed to arise spontaneously and without physical provocation. Also, shortly afterward, there was an incident where, praying for healing in a church, I passed out and was taken to a hospital, and they thought I had a mild stroke.
    I have had thousands of life threatening experiences. My question is to anyone who has an understanding of how to break free of dangerous organizations.
    "If the inner person is not watchful, the outer person cannot be watched."

  2. Re: Getting out of cult question

    Hi, Josh.

    ┐How do you get into that organization?
    ┐Could you provide more detail on the practices you performed in that organization and how they were able to induce such neck and brain damage?
    ┐Or such damages were result from disconformity of characters members of that organization when you try to get out of that?

    My best regards,

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