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Thread: Good day everyone!

  1. Cool Good day everyone!

    Hi everyone! Feels good to find an active astral community! Although as soon as i registered it said I was banned? not sure if that's a glitch or meant to do that until you activate your account. I feel if i log out i may not be able to login again ? anyways a little bit of my astral journey I actually learned of astral projection from someone a few years back and he had told me many musicians even believed in it. (They pointed me to songs they actually mention it which i thought was cool) At the time i purchased Astral Dynamics and read through it. Mostly skimming it but i have had many (a handful let's say that I remember) projections out of body into the physical plane and maybe 1-2 into further depths of the astral world. I just recently came across the 90 day book from mr bruce and plan to start the 90 days as soon as i finish reading another out of body experience book (not sure if i can name the book or author here so i'll let that one go) ...
    anyways look forward to learning from everyone!

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    Re: Good day everyone!

    Welcome AstralGekko, hope you have fun with your practice and find answers to any questions you may have. Feel free to talk about any other authors and their books. Praise them, prefer them, or query their claims. We are all learning here no matter how experienced some may be the learning never stops.
    Good Luck
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    Re: Good day everyone!

    It seems like a glitch. If you were banned you wouldn't have been able to register or login. But this has been a weird year, so I wouldn't log out, just in case. So welcome again.
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