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Thread: Steps to Recall Dreams and to become Lucid within Dreams

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    Steps to Recall Dreams and to become Lucid within Dreams

    Steps to recall dreams ;
    1. make a consistent effort to remember dreams

    2. suggest to yourself before sleeping "I will remember my dream".

    3. Wake up gently , slowly and peacefully.
    ie after a good rest , hearing birds , sunlight coming in the window

    4.When you wake up, keep your eyes closed.Remain motionless .
    Count backwards from 20 numbering each scene from the end

    5. Rise and quickly jot them down in a bedside journal
    Try to recall the last little bit of the dream you just had.
    Put events in order reliving dreams backwards write down key points
    This may seem vague at first but it will get easier as you go

    6. Do not turn on a light or open your eyes used raised papers to guide your writing or carefully come down the paper using a thumb to mark where to write next .

    7.Drink 2 glasses of water before bed ,Rise during night to toilet and jot down dreams then

    8. Set alarm clock for 90 minutes intervals to try to wake during REM

    9. Suggest to self to wake up 15 minutes earlier than needed without an alarm clock .

    10. crystals and magnets under pillows aid dream recall ie Amethyst

    11. To enter Lucid Dreaming Before going back to sleep say aloud "When I dream I want to know I'm dreaming"

    Reasons for failure to recall dreams ;
    1. jarring alarm clock
    2. bright light tends to end dream recall.
    3. not getting enough sleep
    4. poor nutrition
    5. stress
    6. depressants ie antihistamines, analgesics and alchohol

    Links about Dream Recall and moving into Lucid Dreams
    you wake after six hours of sleep it will be much more difficult to recall ... e#remember ... s/id/35273
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Thank you for the tips, AC. I can start wearing my wedding ring in bed, for starters - it has an amethyst.

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