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Thread: Journeys out of the body... By robert monroe... Just finished...and I'm impressed!

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    Journeys out of the body... By robert monroe... Just finished...and I'm impressed!

    So let me preface I picked this book up on a whim. On a recent visit to my local bookstore I went in to pickup a gift for myself for all the hard work I have been doing lately on various projects. I'm not quite sure what it is that brought me back to OOBE'S and Astral projection, but here I am... Now i have read one other astral projection book and it was astral dynamics by robert bruce... which I had read many years ago and didn't really "dive" into it like i should have.I plan to go back and read more of it after I take on the other book i bought which was the mastering astral projection in 90 days book. I find myself jumping from different books because I am a self proclaimed "book freak" but this one was an enjoyable read...

    I must say mr monroe's experiences are interesting to say the least. At first it seems odd how he ends up "confirming" his experiences by trying to ask people he's projected to about certain things and he almost always gets some kind of confirmation. But i must say he was very detailed and monitored everything when it came to his "experiments"
    What i like is the end of the book how he simplifies the projection process....He gets you all the way to what he calls "local 1" which would be just the physical world only you aren't in your physical body. He never goes into how to go from outside your body to what he refers to as "Local 2" which is what many would describe as the astral planes which is interesting because he describes IN DETAIL what to do to actually leave your body. I find myself trying multiple things from the book and i'm also currently juggling you can say a Lucid dreaming to Astral projection transition method... So far going from the "dream land" state to actually projecting is pretty hard to do and remain in control... I highly recommend this book for any newer projector that may be looking to get into OOBE subject...maybe not so much astral projecting ( i consider them the same , but some people i have run into consider ap more so into the actual planes (locale 2 as mr monroe would call it)

    One thing i must say I found interesting is the mention of "Local 3" mr monroe mentions... its almost like a world non physical but operates similar to our current physical. Potentially the past or future? Not sure what it is but it was very interesting to say the least...if anyone has read the book I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

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    Re: Journeys out of the body... By robert monroe... Just finished...and I'm impressed!

    All three books of Monroe are great. His talk at the TMI from 1990 is also recommendable. (Part 1)

    I also recommend William Buhlman's books, especially the first one called 'Adventures Out Of The Body'. It helped me learn and induce my first conscious and wilful OBE.

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