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Thread: Issue with access to ordered material

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    Issue with access to ordered material

    Hi there,

    After logging in and trying to access the course material I ordered, there is a message that says "There has been a critical error on your website." Is this just an individual problem or is all the course material under maintenance?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    I just saw the solution to this issue in a prior post and have now emailed IT/help so no worries

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    Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    If you are still having issues, post the email address you used here and I'll take a look. I can't do anything without that email address.


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    Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    Should you just post the email to IT, and tell them you can't log in? Because I have the same problem

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    Re: Issue with access to ordered material

    G'day Henry,

    This problem affects a few people each week. Its due to a very complex .php incompatibility issue. We have an expert working on it. This issue comes from countless upgrades and changes over the past twenty years. We are also building a brand new website, which will likely include these forums, and this will hopefully be the end of our IT issues. I'm hoping this will be online by xmas'ish.

    Until then, you should email our help department for IT help and they'll get you going again quickly.

    peace, robert

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