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Thread: The Atlantis advantage - leaving illusion and massive manipulation behind

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    Re: The Atlantis advantage - leaving illusion and massive manipulation behind

    By a coincidence tonight I got some glimpses of the future, so I think I have some better idea about what is going on.

    Generally, according to my current view, it seems pretty obvious that we are (or are about to ultimately become) a sort of "another Atlantis", to rise and fall - possibly.

    The Atlantis main thread is about power usage. Some people resist to this word as CFTraveler recently has mentioned

    and I think it may be because of the pre-incarnational memories where abuse of power led to distroying the civilization.

    I think the similar, deeply rooted fear in the modern society lays in those old days, and the whole civilization found a way to: 1. disallow magic, 2. convert to science.

    Science (along with technology) is somewhat a solution to this fear, yet a hidden power as well.

    What we are facing is threefold preference to power:
    1. use of power(s), generally speaking, for destructive purposes
    2. use of power(s), generally speaking, for constructive purposes
    3. allowing others to use power(s), thus trying to hide self from responsibility, like stating something like: I did nothing! I'm not guilty

    I think the 3rd scenario is preferred by the isolated groups such as Tibetean people, along with their spiritual leader, who avoided any 'power' threads at all costs.

    Of course, the first group are no doubt Chinese, but also many (most, possibly) other countries', rulers.

    The difference between us and Atlantis is the fact that it was predicted that this civilization would appear, but this time the fear of power is/was cunningly incorporated into and used against the masses, so that they voluntarily gave the power about themselves in the hands of others.

    This is exactly what we are observing currently in the world. Allowing others to decide about the future of this planet was done by convincing people that it is "boring", "takes too much effort", "is not worth interest", "is an unncessery and unpleasant hard work" etc., which in turn inch by inch, during the previous decades, led to accumulation of power in hand of elites - privileged groups in different areas, from traditional rulership, to military, to commerce, to religion, to society, to wealth, to education, among many others. Basically, one of means to realize this goal was the 'centralization', almost always with blood shed. Centalization is now substituted with a fancy label 'globalization'. What I think is going to happen now there is going to appear a...

    Quote Originally Posted by LOTR
    one Ring to rule them all
    With one ceveat, 'all' are not rings - but people.
    Last edited by Antares; 15th October 2020 at 11:10 AM.
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: The Atlantis advantage - leaving illusion and massive manipulation behind

    Just heard:

    Cynicism will be undoing for humanity. That's why love is needed.
    and I understood why we are at the threshold of self-destruction as another civilization on this planet...

    It's hard to understand, but I think this is how things exactly are. Just imagine what would happen to the world if every single person of the 7-billion population became extremely cynical...

    How to change the course of the planet?
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: The Atlantis advantage - leaving illusion and massive manipulation behind

    One could be cynical about cynicism and say "only pure love satisfies my soul." And, an egg breaks open...

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    Re: The Atlantis advantage - leaving illusion and massive manipulation behind

    Good point that god is unconscious truth and not, facing, you, creator.
    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    God decides by dice.
    The edge is where your limitations come into play. Everyone has his or her own personal edge. You are a god who may decide that you are not a god.
    Hence a sword unto destiny, not a dice game over at the dealer's house.

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