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Thread: Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

  1. Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

    Almost 10 years ago I found the book Astral Dynamics after experiencing waking paralysis one night caused by meditation. Upon reading the book and learning of the energy building techniques and MBA, my entire body was flooded with intense, uncontrollable, pulsations of energy. From head-to-toe and vice versa. Long story short, I achieved a conscious projection exit and had an intense lucid dream before I regrettably began self medicating again (I had gotten clean and was trying to cure my depression without drugs and alcohol at the time of this meditation induced paralysis, projection and dream). Shortly after, I developed muscular tics/spasms, mainly in the lower half of my body, and have had them every day for the past 10 years. I have also lost the ability to "feel" any MBA sensations. I should also add that I have struggled with depression and addiction (marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and junk food) since, however, I am very close to being clean again (with cigarettes and bad food being the last of my vices), and am no longer depressed.

    I was hoping you could shine a light on what the pulsations I was experiencing were, why I can no longer "feel", and how I can rid myself of these tics/spasms. Thanks for your time. I apologize for the novel.

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    Re: Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

    Take an interest in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and taoism, and other natural ways to health. This should give you the ideas. Take a look also at my posts about healing on AD. The depression can leave an effect without knowing it consciously deeper in your mind. I recommend therefore something that taoists called 'shen' energy which I recently also mentioned on AD. If any further questions, please write to me PM.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Searching for help after ten years of muscle tics/spasms

    I think your tics/spasms may be the result of your lifestyle, which you say is improving. I recommend you switch to an organic brand of tobacco. There are a couple, Free Spirit, and, Winston.

    It should also help if you took some good quality vitamins and minerals. Start small and work your way up. Include an extra piece of fruit in your diet per day, then maybe an extra salad, and a little exercise (a walk around the block). You are almost there by the sounds of it.

    The pulsations you mention that happened when you first learned MBA energy work are most likely caused by your energy body being activated, by MBA actions, to restore itself. You should be able to repeat this, even if you just do some simple stuff like brushing your hands and feet.

    peace, robert

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