Almost 10 years ago I found the book Astral Dynamics after experiencing waking paralysis one night caused by meditation. Upon reading the book and learning of the energy building techniques and MBA, my entire body was flooded with intense, uncontrollable, pulsations of energy. From head-to-toe and vice versa. Long story short, I achieved a conscious projection exit and had an intense lucid dream before I regrettably began self medicating again (I had gotten clean and was trying to cure my depression without drugs and alcohol at the time of this meditation induced paralysis, projection and dream). Shortly after, I developed muscular tics/spasms, mainly in the lower half of my body, and have had them every day for the past 10 years. I have also lost the ability to "feel" any MBA sensations. I should also add that I have struggled with depression and addiction (marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and junk food) since, however, I am very close to being clean again (with cigarettes and bad food being the last of my vices), and am no longer depressed.

I was hoping you could shine a light on what the pulsations I was experiencing were, why I can no longer "feel", and how I can rid myself of these tics/spasms. Thanks for your time. I apologize for the novel.