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Thread: Free expression

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    Free expression

    When I'm looking into today's world, and compare it to the medieval, or ancient world, or particularly to movies - like fantasy movies or placed in the future, e.g. Star Wars, there was always a striking observation that I had:

    there are almost no really interesting characters, not mentioning so called "heroes" (like in movies or books), in the modern world. When you look around, it is really boring... with very few exceptions.

    Why is this?

    I understand that most of the people will be somewhere around "average"... but all (not counting few exceptions)?

    People love heroes - they love to watch or read about them. But this is just that - nothing more.

    Where is the free expression, I wonder?

    I am asking this question also myself. Where and when did I make this trade-off decision that caused me to live almost like all the others? I mean, work, earning, eating, shopping and stuff, in a word: convienience and security! (I'm not talking about the investments and business, they still fall into the "earning" category, but just in a different way; think of that: who remembers any tradesmen from medieval or ancient times? They were equivalents to our business people). I'm wondering where is the difference between plants and humans: because the former were destined to just vegetate, do not they? How about humans?

    I think the feeling of "boring" world is a sort of detection tool: there must be a reason why we went this way.

    Be objective, research the reality and don't assume things just because of experts

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    Re: Free expression

    I like to wear whatever I want wherever I go. So my work clothes, my out clothes, and any of my clothes, are the same - I mean, place, people or time does not decide what I wear. Sometimes people seem to envy me that, although these are the thoughts of other people which stop them from doing exactly the same.

    When I was passing by a man with long hair, but wearing an official suit (no doubt for his work), he was looking at me with jelousy in a way like "what am I missing".

    What is missing is the ability to express yourself freely - or not!

    Typically, money is the thing that stays between freedom and "musts". However, it is just an external symbol of what is really going on: your thoughts imprisoned by the system (that taught you to think in a certain way, and not think in a free way).

    Be objective, research the reality and don't assume things just because of experts

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