The analytic mind is one of the abilities that can be developed, especially now in the so called 'information era'.

I developed my analytics skills in these ways:
- in my job which is related to that
- comparing and analyzing information on the universe and human (generally speaking) from different sources, both modern and ancient ones
- this helped me in analyzing i ching, astrology, tarot and alike stuff
- which in turn helped me analyzing global economy and particular companies
- and the two last ones helped me increase even more my analytic abilities in my job

This is something that is not generally accepted: the world currently supports narrow expertise rather than many-areas development. This is opposite to what ancient educated people believed in and did. This includes Atlanteans.

I'm not saying that the analytic skills and abilities are the only needed, not at all. This is what currently the world believes in, particularly because of science got the position of the new global religion. If you take a look at least at the qabbalah tree how many different levels of development are available for human, analytical mind is just a small portion of much wider intellectual abilities, and all of them are placed just within a single sphere (Hod in this case). Science is based on a portion of those skills.

However, they are useful if used wisely. A sceptical approach (which characterizes sciences) allows to avoid mental pitfalls, illusions and misconceptions, as well as is supportive to will (Geburah sphere) to be not lost in the "demands" of the outer 'realities'. By realities I mean every 'cosm' that may come into way, including human beings who are called microcosmoses in themselves.