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Thread: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

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    Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Hi Robert. Just found this site. Really cool!

    Little background... I have been astral projecting for several years, maybe more, all unintentionally. So when it happens, I have been basically just going on my own and trying my own experiments, learning what I can, and trying new things. The AP's or OBE's happen like once or twice a month on average. I can't make them happen, but I have found things that make them more likely to happen. I don't believe I've made it out of the RTZ zone yet... When I have more time I'd like to really hone the skill.

    Anyway though, I came across Astral Dynamics and read it. I was very surprised to find that asking for light from my higher self in the RTZ actually made light. I didn't actually call it higher self, but it worked! I was sick and tired of it always being dark! Rarely I have gone into an AP while in a lit room so this was awesome. I thought that was very cool. I also looked at my fingers melting and am still wondering if that was just because I read that in the book or not lol. To be honest though I never had tried to stare intently at my hand before. But on my next mission, I really want to ask to meet a healer, as well as ask to be taken to space (undecided on which to do first). I don't have many reliable sources, or the ability to have conversations with experienced projectors though, and I was just curious about it being safe to ask for a healer, or ask for a master. Is it safe? I have seen worrisome "beings" and talked to some others in the RTZ - and just wanted to make sure that it's okay to do that. Thanks for taking the time to read if you decide to do so, and for being who you are and your work!
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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Why ask for a 'foreign' healer when you already successfully connected to your (Higher) Self which also could be your healer? Give it a try.
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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Sure, it is safe to ask for these things, masters, healers, etc.

    The worrying beings you mention are generally used to test you. A simple banishment generally works to get rid of them if you come across them.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Communicating with your higher self, asking for things like light and better vision, and to move to other places, begins what I call 'the inner dialogue' where you begin talking with your higher self. As you continue doing this, your higher self slowly becomes your teacher, which is how it should be for everyone, including normal awake life.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    I myself do think that it is not only appropriate but necessary to experience teaching by a master. This because not all of what will be in you, can be found in you, by you. A holy witness.

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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    You can directly connect to the core self, without any mediators and dialogues in between. The universe communicates directly all the time on the subtle levels. And you exist on all levels of the universe. This means that you can reach the highest point of yourself from which you may sense the answers in much better way than just words. The shen (as taoists called it) energy helps strongly with that.
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    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Thanks so much for your reply. When I asked for light and it was given it, it was a game changer and opened up so many possibilities. I wish I has known sooner!!! If it's possible, can I ask a follow-up? A two-parter...

    1st, What is a simple banishment I can use?
    2nd, Are the entities I see unique to me or seen by others, or maybe kind of a combination of those?

    The first entity I saw and remember vividly was about 2 years ago. I had made it out of my house and into my front yard. About 100 feet away - There was an alligator like creature skulking around the base of a tree. Looked almost exactly like an alligator, but with a feeling of intelligence and awareness. (And for background - I noticed it right after I was watching some leaves blowing around near my front door in a little twister fashion. I was thinking how beautiful it was, and that this could never be so beautiful in the real world) This was definitely the RTZ as the outside and front yard was an exact representation of real world, down to that tree it was under and the distance to it. I saw the entity and tried to manifest a gun in my hand. It didn't work and when I looked back up and it was gone - I presume ran off. It sensed my awareness on it. Never saw that one again.

    The second entity/entities I saw was in the same front yard area and there were several, multi-headed dog like creatures. Similar to a cereberus but I don't want to say that's what it was. I have seen them many times since. The second time I saw them, I spoke to them and asked them their name and what they wanted from me. One of them said my name is ????? and we are the ????? (race of creature). I can't remember the name, unfortunately. It was gone from memory when I came out of the AP. It was like an old English sounding name, kind of like a name in Lord of the Rings or something. I think it started with a F, G, or H... I remember thinking I had heard that name in my past somewhere. They stated their intention as they wanted to be my friend. After that, their shape got dark and the bodies became like pitch black and the heads were writhing around like a den of snakes but I could only see their eyes, which glowed. I have seen them several times since and they seem malevolent. I haven't spoken to them again and they did try to run up to my Window one time and get in. The last time I saw them - started like this, I was in AP and in my room which I kept trying to change to a different room that was brighter and trying to take myself to a beach (this was before I knew about higher self - about a month ago). Couldn't get to a beach, just different versions of the room. Maybe manifested 5 different versions... My wife was there with me in the AP. She does not AP and probably doesn't believe in it btw. So there kept being a symbol in each manifestation of the room that I felt was dark and it was distressing to me. Eventually there started to be a sound like a chime that I felt was evil and it made me feel bad. It was repetitive and kept coming. I thought that it was the doing of those entities... I eventually ripped down one of the symbols hanging from the ceiling and decided to go confront them. I ran out of the room via a door which hadn't been there previously that I noticed, and into a busy street and sidewalk that is definitely not outside of my house. (The manifesting rooms were not of my house either but I felt they were my house) Anyways I run down the sidewalk and see them or one of them running at me and I ran at them. As we neared and clashed I tried to manifest a sword into my hand and swipe down at it. I immediately pulled myself back to my body during the slash. Not sure if the sword even worked or not. But when I finally came back to reality, which was hard (Had to moan loud enough for my wife to hear and wake me), the moment I thought about the noise, or the symbol, or the creature, I had full chills that went right from the back of my head all the way down my spine and legs. It lasted for about 30 minutes anytime I would remember any of those things. Never felt a chill like that in my life. Sorry that was so long. Just curious if they were unique to me. And thank you again!!
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    Re: Is it safe asking for a healer or a master

    Just an update. I did end of getting to ask for a healer, I asked to go to space, for sex, and asked to be taken to the astral realms. It was pretty underwhelming. Not sure if I was deep enough or what.

    The healer looked like a video game character and it was presented in sort of a video game interface way. I was playing games before this though....
    Space looked like an abstract representation of space.
    Asked for sex, that actually worked really well. Amazing how you can feel pleasurable sensations. Makes me wonder if you can feel pain too...
    And then asking to be taken to the astral realms, I got picked up by the invisible hand (same with the three previous) and was taken to another place, it was a nice day, then into a big fancy building, then to a a nice room with a lady sitting behind a desk where I was presented in front of her. To get to the astral realms I had to sign the contract before her, on the desk. I don't remember what it said now, I just remember reading it then, and it seemed very innocuous and harmless. But I did not sign anything.

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