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Thread: Acute nystagmus from third eye opening?

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    Acute nystagmus from third eye opening?

    Heya all,

    Apologies for jumping directly into the forum and asking a question - but I'm trying to make sense of a recent change in my eyes that my gut is telling me is related to my explorations into energy work and thought that this forum may be visited by people better able to help than most.

    I've been working at becoming energy aware for a year or so now and am quite pleased with my results so far.

    The one component I've always struggled with is clear visualisation, so I've been looking into various practices such as candle gazing and Taoist inner work as ways to try and open that side of myself up.

    About a week ago - I started to exhibit signs of nystagmus (i.e. my eyes constantly track to the left, reset and repeat..) that has been a little bit of a pain so far.

    I've been to the doctors and opticians and so far they've ruled out the primary potential causes (from western medicine) but are unable to suggest any cause or remedy other than "rest and hope it clears".

    My instinct is telling me that this may be something related to my attempts to improve my visualisation which is what brings me here.

    What I have observed is that my eye movement seems to exactly track the motion of non-physical elements that I am aware of.. i.e. blue energy and visual snow are constantly moving in sync with my eye movement, while the physical world remains stationary.

    My working theory is that my two eyes and newly awakening third eye are out of sync in someway - causing this effect.. but I really do not know where to focus my energy/research in order to try and test this - never mind resolve it.

    I'll leave it there for now - but if anyone has any experience of this or ideas as to what may help, they would be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Acute nystagmus from third eye opening?

    Nystagmus has to do with nerves and muscles. If in your attempts to do third eye exercises included becoming cross-eyed or looking at your forehead by using your physical eyes, I think that it is possible that it may have caused a problem. If you haven't, I doubt it. Energy doesn't cause problems in the muscles, tensing the muscles while doing energy work does, and is why Robert discourages third eye work in the absence of working the rest of your centers.
    Do what your doctors say, rest, and don't do any energy work in your upper head.
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