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    Wu-wei is spirit, and is simple. It is that simple.

    People who think of wu-wei and think of what it is are missing the point, it is beyond the mental sphere.

    I've read once a whole book written just on wu-wei only. It was a philosophical discourse on why everyone else than the author is wrong about understanding wu-wei. It offered rather complicated explanation to support his thesis.

    My experierence is following: because of spirit, everything is done - just like that. Action is not needed, you just re-orient the spiritual sphere into anything else (anything you will).


    How possible?

    These are questions of the mental sphere. My understanding is: because of spirit creating concepts and archetypes, which in turn create mental concepts, which in turn create thoughts.

    And, as ancients said, thoughts create reality. (Would you believe that?)

    That's why wu-wei "works", and action is not needed.
    Changed essential thought:

    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: Wu-wei

    To myself, Wu-wei knows how to do what it loves, simply by loving that it has been chosen (unconsciously).


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