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Thread: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

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    Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    Was reading on amazon kindle the 'mastering astral projection' book and when reaching the real time zone.... since 3D is 3D... and astral plane is 5D... the real time zone must be 4D, right?

    • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that have partially transcended the limitations of space-time. They straddle the boundary between physicality and the higher nonphysical realms. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our physical reality at will. Some are positive, others more negative. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to achieve understanding of consciousness and mastery of mind over matter, to evolve as a cohesive society, and to fully live out one’s choice of spiritual polarity with intensifying love and dedication. Fledgling 4D entities and societies tend to lack wisdom and perspective compared to the more seasoned ones.

    Got this above text copy/pasted from the montalk website (where I first heard of Franz Bardon, which is nice)

    So... I experienced 4D several (well, more than several) times... while walking, standing still etc... and it's not like 3D... it's much more! I wanted to know if the real time zone is similar (or the same) as 4D !

    2 other questions, if possible...

    hmmm.... this is a difficult question to ask.... and I'll ask it anyway

    so.... after the physical body exhales the last time (hopefully at 100+ years young) ... what should the spirit having a soul do? go into the white light and talk to the infinite creator, reviewing life, staying there for a while, then returning for a fresh new incarnation? going from the tunnel into the white light and not returning, remaining identified with the being of light / source and enjoying infinite bliss forever, without incarnating ever again? I hope the being of light won't force the evolving spirit to incarnate against it's wishes... or not go into the being of light through the tunnel and remain in some astral belief system territories, enjoying astral scenery and pleasures? the 3rd option seems like a no-no... Ideally it would be to remain in 6-7D and not re-incarnate into 3D / sol-terra objective reality, in a homo sapiens physical body, if possible... probably if reaching level 8+ in Initiation Into Hermetics everything will be sorted out by intuition!

    thanks for clarying this!

    <3 love your work!

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    Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    The fourth dimension is probably TIME.

    As for the afterlife..... To make sense of it, you must realize that you and every other human being is an animal. And, all animals, all living beings, dream, astral project, and have an afterlife experience that varies in complexity but is essentially the same for all. Human beings are very complex long lived beings and so their afterlives are long and complex. The end result is the same for most, which is reincarnation. Some, however, are advanced enough to avoid reincarnation and to have other choices. This happens by avoiding what are commonly called The Bardo Realms. Realms of Illusion. Sounds mysterious, but its simple. When you are alive, at the end of each day you get tired, fall asleep, and start dreaming. When you are at the end of your life, you die, and after a short time you start dreaming. Once you start dreaming after you die, there is no way back until reincarnation occurs. So, the only way to avoid that and to have more choices is to stay conscious. Having some astral projection and lucid dream experience helps enormously here. Most people, when they die, are stuck in Real Time Zone for a few weeks. During this time they can visit family and say goodbye. This is when most spirit phenomena associated with recently deceased spirits occurs....the first few weeks after death. To have more choices, I expect the way ahead is to try to remain in the real time zone, and to remain conscious and in control. From here, you'll need to trust your intuition, and your higher self (aka God) for guidance.

    I recommend you meditate on how you are an animal and what this means. It helps to provide realistic perspective.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    My view is very much as Robert's... My memories tell me that after-life is like dreaming state... That's why consciousness is so important. You may find in ancient texts, like taoism, similar view points as well.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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