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Thread: Copy: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

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    Copy: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    Was reading on amazon kindle the 'mastering astral projection' book and when reaching the real time zone.... since 3D is 3D... and astral plane is 5D... the real time zone must be 4D, right?

    • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that have partially transcended the limitations of space-time. They straddle the boundary between physicality and the higher nonphysical realms. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our physical reality at will. Some are positive, others more negative. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to achieve understanding of consciousness and mastery of mind over matter, to evolve as a cohesive society, and to fully live out one’s choice of spiritual polarity with intensifying love and dedication. Fledgling 4D entities and societies tend to lack wisdom and perspective compared to the more seasoned ones.

    Got this above text copy/pasted from the montalk website (where I first heard of Franz Bardon, which is nice)

    So... I experienced 4D several (well, more than several) times... while walking, standing still etc... and it's not like 3D... it's much more! I wanted to know if the real time zone is similar (or the same) as 4D !

    2 other questions, if possible...

    hmmm.... this is a difficult question to ask.... and I'll ask it anyway

    so.... after the physical body exhales the last time (hopefully at 100+ years young) ... what should the spirit having a soul do? go into the white light and talk to the infinite creator, reviewing life, staying there for a while, then returning for a fresh new incarnation? going from the tunnel into the white light and not returning, remaining identified with the being of light / source and enjoying infinite bliss forever, without incarnating ever again? I hope the being of light won't force the evolving spirit to incarnate against it's wishes... or not go into the being of light through the tunnel and remain in some astral belief system territories, enjoying astral scenery and pleasures? the 3rd option seems like a no-no... Ideally it would be to remain in 6-7D and not re-incarnate into 3D / sol-terra objective reality, in a homo sapiens physical body, if possible... probably if reaching level 8+ in Initiation Into Hermetics everything will be sorted out by intuition!

    thanks for clarying this!

    <3 love your work!

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    Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    My understanding of dimensions is following:

    First, all terms used in the esoteric fields are not as rigid as science got used people to think. They are more contractual and flexible.

    'Astral' is more widely used; real time zone is (AFAIK?) Robert Bruce's term. What people may refer to using "3D", "4D" etc. - might be another concept, on the other hand, not meaning 'dimension', but 'density' (which is - according to my undesrtanding - closely related to 'frequency' level).

    So as you see, the universe beyond the physical is not so obvious and rigid as scientists wanted it to see; you need to create concepts in order to understand it - and still you may be missing the point! There are no rigid boundaries, and the only tool you can use is your perception and mind! I.e. science without dealing with meta-physics won't resolve the secrets of the universe, because there is still old I. Newton's presumption taken as granted, and quantum physics to me sounds like a very infant introduction to something "more" (whatever the more is).

    Robert Bruce states that he doesn't want to argue much with the esoteric theories, and I would not do this as well. I may only say on what I studied and understood so far.

    What you refer to as 4D, which is more like 4th Density to me rather than a dimension, is the ethereal level, the rather rigid (not as much as matter, though) matrix for creating the structure of the physical plane. Astral is even harder to understand, it has many levels, from the very low to very high vibrations, and may be probably best described as pure "energies", without any attachments to shapes unless it is your will.

    On the after-life question, I would question things. Your expectations probably come from what you have read and heard. There are many other theories as well. To me, it is best to keep clarity and have no much expectations at all. You do not have to go that route which most of people do - by "dying"; see e.g. ancient taoists texts.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Is the real-time zone the '4th Dimension' ?

    Some time ago I was listening to Sol Ahimsa speaking about densities, and she was talking about the direction of dimensions- densities were on a 90 degree angle to the dimensions, which confused me, but it seemed to make sense (planes and dimensions are measurements not things), 4-Dimension being time, yet she was explaining that each plane has a number of densities, which confuses the issue when you use D as your initial- you can have 2 Densities in the Astral and a 3 or 4 Densities in the RTZ and 4 densities in the physical, and no density at all in the mental plane.
    I'm just trying to illustrate how interesting- and often arbitrary this stuff is.
    I'm happier with planes as environments with psychological distance as a measuring rod and leave it at that.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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