Hello and thank you

I am new to the Kundalini program. I decided to pursue further knowledge, since there has been no other explanation for recent events that Iíve been experiencing.

For months now, I have been seeing a purple image in the shape of a sphere that covers what Iím looking at.

sometimes the hue of purple varies, and rarely it changes color- yellow or red or turquoise.

i try not to pay attention to it, because it can get annoying. However, when I do decide to look closer, the inside swirls and the pupils in my eyes start to change. They will reflect purple lightning bolts of electric light being reflected in the irises of my eyes. IVe recorded this on camera on multiple occasions, because I thought I was going mad. Iíve even asked someone to watch me gaze at the purple sphere and tell me if they saw purple in my eyes, and they confirmed that they did.

id like to know what this is, and how I can make it go away.