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Thread: Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

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    Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

    As I got out of an epsom bath, I laid down and started doing some energy work.

    my eyes were open, and I noticed that as I moved energies throughout my chakras and other body areas, I kept seeing movements beyond my feet on the wall.

    i was laying down perfectly flat and not looking at the ceiling above me and there was no light behind me to cast a shadow on the wall.

    It was as if I saw my body as an X-ray. The detail of my hands and appendages were not very clear. But in the center, there was a white core up and down my body. As I moved energy through the core, when it passed a chakra-the core would have a bulge. So I said, Cool, this is my root, sacral, etc. I went through each one and saw it on the wall.

    Then I wanted to know where my hands were. I started moving them. I touched my stomach, throat, eyes, and head.

    I moved each leg up and down, but the wall showed darker space moving, like an X-ray would of tissue. The X-ray wall experience only illuminated energies I was moving through my body.

    My eyes have been a bit weird lately and this is taking some getting used to. The purple sphere was there and Im learning how to see with depth, since the sphere is projected on everything I look at. Its like the things I see with my eyes closed, I see while they are open, as well.

    Another thing this X-ray wall experience illuminated, was around my body. I think maybe it was my aura? So I practiced expanding my aura and saw it expand slightly. Interesting, because it FELT like I had expanded it much more than what I saw on the wall.

    And since I mentioned X-ray, forgive me for cramming this entirely different topic under this post...

    When I focus on an object for a few seconds, it disappears. I was thinking I was having eye issues, and having middle vision blindness or something- until I realized I see PAST the object.

    How can I get more practice and control with this, and what is it called when you see past an object?

    anyone taking the time to read this, thank you for your time.

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    Re: Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

    Oh yes, one more thing to mention, even though my legs and arms were dark (like how tissues would show on an X-ray) - my entire head was not.

    when I used my arm and hands to see where my head registered on the wall, because my hands showed up as tissue X-ray dark, where I touched my head and face- it was covered the illuminated energies in my head.

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    Re: Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

    What I think you are experiencing here, at least in part, is called Body Image Sight (my term).

    Everyone can easily do the basics of this.

    Relax with eyes closed... can be done when in bed, or sitting. Behind closed eyelids, gaze straight ahead. Hold your arms wide, fingers wide, and rotate your wrists, so your hands are twisting. Keep gazing directly ahead behind closed eyelids. With your peripheral vision, observe the movement of your hands, first one side and then the other. Do not move your eyeballs. You will notice that you can 'see' a pale shape moving where your hands are. With practice doing this, you will occasionally get flashes of your real hands...little visions if you like, where you'll see your hands in great detail and full color. If you continue experimenting with body image sight, you'll find you can see any part of your body in this way.

    I think what you have been experiencing is related to this.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Anyone else experience seeing body tactile imaging with their eyes open?

    Thank you for Robert!

    One time without trying with my eyes closed, I saw my brain! I wanted to explore both hemispheres, beneath the folds and squiggly tissue but my concentration broke and I lost it.

    I will keep practicing

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