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Thread: Accuracy of remote viewing

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    Accuracy of remote viewing

    Hypothetical to Mr. Bruce... If you have a card on your night stand face down, you astral project, turn the card over in your astral projection, and then look when you wake up - what are the odds you will see the right card? Is there any increased in chance over the 1 in 52 chance? I am going to test myself, but I am not able to AP at will. Its like once a month. Did for first time last night (the card), i turned it over but it wasn’t like a regular card. It was the number 3 in the top center with a heart and underlined. Below it it read possible the 5, 7, or 9. Pretty strange. I looked when I came back to reality. It was the 7 of hearts. I play poker for a living so the odds of this and it being one time, aren’t particularly astounding or seem paranormal. Technically a 1 in 13 chance.

    just curious about the hypothetical because it will take me a while to build data. Thanks!! Im watching your video series now in hopes to get a lot better than 1-1.5 APs per month.

    edit: tried again last night.... instead of one card that is actually on the night stand, there were four in the AP. When i turned them over it turned into 8. So that didnt work out great. Should have tried again.
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