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Thread: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

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    Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    I am reading your technique to get out of sleep paralysis.

    There was a time a got sleep paralysis almost daily while dreaming, sometimes twice the same night, the technique I used was to expel air and press the mouth and nose, then I couldn't breath and I did until I suddenly woke up, sometimes I woke up in another place (while dreaming), tried to turn on light, if it doesn't turn on, then I repeated the process until I wake up where I was sleeping, and the light turn on.

    This is fast and effective

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    Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    Unfortunately, many people during sleep paralysis do not have breath control and cannot even blink or move their eyes behind closed eyelids. This is, however, certainly something that should be tried if you have paralysis.


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    Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    I think then this was a peculiar sleep paralysis I had.
    I woked up in an alternate reality where lights didn't turn on, I could move but don't wake up, and that was the only way I found to wake up in the real world, but I had to try sometimes twice.
    The idea was to expel all air and don't breath by yourself, the body must react and breath as a mechanism of survival and breath by itself. And it was fast

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    Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    Sleep paralysis is an uncomfortable state. Not dangerous, but not exactly pleasant. You will often be able to see the room around you through closed eyelids, but movement is impossible. Often, but not always, there is a sensation of dread coming from a particular direction...the direction of your own astral body. Focusing on moving a single index finger, or a big toe, will usually break paralysis very quickly.


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    Re: Getting out of sleep paralysis technique

    Thank you
    Another characteristic was I woke up in rooms differents than the one where I was sleeping, i.e. I woke up an couldn't wake up, I sit down and tried to turn on the light, nothign happened, then I stop breathing until my body react and start breathing, then I woke up in another room, the light still didn't turn on, I repeated and stop breathing untilmy body breath by force, then I woke up where I went to sleep and the light turned on and off.

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