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Thread: What is psychic?

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    What is psychic?

    First, I will point out that science has three keys, a) philosophy, b) physics, and c) chemistry. Soforth, the key to the universe is physical. No amount of mathematical proof can destroy the foundation. If you have to create your own reality start with the foundation. Now, when people with math problems meet a mystic something happens called chrysalis. Chrysalis is the being undertaken to determine self - a proven process of being patient and breathing until the self is the self and not the whole universe. The psychic (you) has understood the chrysalis and the difference between self and others. With this knowledge it was, "I am not you, you are that." Just not to be so arrogant as to destroy the foundation of them. Psychic abilities can be attuned through energy work, as you well know. o

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    Re: What is psychic?

    If the fourth/other aspect of Science, mathematics, can on all levels determine what the universe does - as the first/fundamental three indeed do - there can be found a quandary: Am I thinking with an intelligence or am I thinking with my own reflection? There you go.

    [insert destiny here]

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    Re: What is psychic?

    What is talent?

    Talent is the argument of people that BAD EVIL does not exist and will not exist - it is too busy being negative, to appear in the light and to curse the light. The theory goes that BAD will be boredom, unless GOOD will be let inspired, and soforth the miracle proceeds as prefer to live and let live, than to exit the light in some hostile and ultimately selfless manner of ways. To the psychic, talent is key to love, luck, money and success - you have in u your key(s) to destiny. It is easy to see - it is the part with "no unreasonable limits," ie goodness!

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