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Thread: Raising kundalini and bad memories

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    Raising kundalini and bad memories

    Hey mr. Bruce. I have been following your work for more than a decade now. The knowledge you share are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Really need your advice on this one. I did some dumb things that I now regret, and have some very unpleasant memories which I wouldn't want to bring to the next life. Some of those memories gave me a mild ptsd. So if I succeed in raising kundalini will I still be able to start next life fresh? Without bad memories. Can kundalini light body go through same process that most people go after death and clean itself? Or maybe my higher self can delete those memories? My fear is that in the next life I might not be aware of your works and this life might my only chance to do it.

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    Re: Raising kundalini and bad memories

    Kundalini purifies knowledge, leaves knowledge. If your knowledge/awareness are full of shyte you don't need kundalini more than to LEARN.

    edit: Imagine if you tasted the fruit from the tree of knowledge and it taught you that "nobody needs shyte" - well your kundalini, though pure, would bear to remind your knowledge, not remove that.

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    Re: Raising kundalini and bad memories

    I don't think that having painful memories means that my awareness is full of "shyte". But tnx for your input.
    I will wait for advice from Robert.

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    Re: Raising kundalini and bad memories

    If you succeed in raising your kundalini in this life, this will change the reincarnational process. How much this changes would depend on how much the kundalini raising process changed you, and how much you grew through the process.

    A lot about the potential for kundalini to cause change is unknown and needs exploring. EG. immortality, reincarnation, etc.

    Memories cannot be deleted, but they cancertainly be learned from.

    What I think you need to do is to work on yourself to let those memories/experiences go so you can move on. These memories are bothering you for a reason. There is something inside of that that refuses to let them go. If I were you, I would seek the help of a 'senior' psychologist or analyst to help with this. By senior, I mean the level of psychologist that supervises other psychologists. If you can be helped to better understand and feel more comfortable with something that happened in the past, then the associated memories will start to fade away and eventually be forgotten.

    peace, robert

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