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Thread: Banishing Ritual

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    Banishing Ritual

    Does the LPRB as shown in Practical self defense and Modern Magick also banish the earth element from the user? As such they would need to rebalance the elements within themselves? I plan on developing this practice and using it repeatedly everyday to develop its efficacy and myself in the process and was wondering. This is also within the context of constant use everyday and not once or twice a day in case the affects to the user is minimal, so it was never recommended.

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    Re: Banishing Ritual

    The banishment given in practical psychic self defense is not the same as what is given in modern magick. The one given in practical psychic self defense is an ultra simple earth element banishment, which is effective because 99% of problems are earth element in origin. I have taught this to five year olds. There is no need to rebalance your elements after doing a simple banishment, even if you do many.

    The full LBRP (lesser banishment ritual of pentagram) is a totally different animal. Theoretically, if overused, this could cause elemental problems. But, in practice nothing like this happens, and I know people that have done this.


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    Re: Banishing Ritual

    Just as the breath (air) can banish any hypocrite - "that argument never existed"
    Just as words (earth) can banish any liar - "that reason never existed"

    Fire and water have been solved by Jesus Christ and Hitler himself would call the Earth kind.

    No I do not endorse holocausting the forces within people - I endorse promoting the force within self... the litany against fear and the desiderata are awesome - o

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