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Thread: Why Trance in the middle of the OBE-sequence?

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    Why Trance in the middle of the OBE-sequence?

    Dear Mister Bruce,

    why do you recommend (in Astral Dynamics) to go into trance BEFORE activating the chakras (and even other techniques)?

    I mean: you are in trance, perfect nothingness - and suddenly you start to make some brain work again, thus simply return from that state.

    Would it not make more sense to get into trance at the END of the sequence (so you can simply wait for the vibrational state now, until you feel welcome to end the trance by starting brain work again with the exit techniques)?

    Thank you very much and best regards

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    Re: Why Trance in the middle of the OBE-sequence?

    Hello again, I think my question is rather a silly one, after sleeping one more night about it.
    My own answer is that Trance shouldn’t be interrupted, so if I can’t stimulate my chakras without breaking the trance, I simply shouldn’t activate the chakras this time.
    Sorry for this question, it can be closed / deleted.

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