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Thread: The Awareness behind the dream (Summerlander)

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    The Awareness behind the dream (Summerlander)

    Hello fellow oneironauts, mystics and astral travellers. This was originally a reply to another thread on a different forum, but too good not to share here as may be of use to some.

    I tend to believe, as the title suggests that there is awareness behind the dream. That our own consciousness goes so deep, right down past subconscious and unconscious, into the sea of pure awareness (or the ineffable) where everything is all connected and new ideas (and life?) are born out of it through imagination or inspiration. I've also said before a few times that waking life is similar to dream life in that you can be the dream, the dreamer, or just dreaming. Which one are you? and which would you prefer?

    I've had plenty of dreams where characters seem to be consciously alive in the sense they show a high level or degree of intelligence. After practicing astral projection/OBE's, meditating along with transcendental dreams, sleep paralysis, altered states of consciousness and all that. The idea consciousness is the foundation or wellspring from which all reality comes into form (1st hermetic principle by the way 'all is mind'), it's not hard to then assume that astral realms or planes are tangibly real places, and that we can visit these places through certain techniques. And, if these places are actually real (not purely physical, rather higher mental/etheric/energetic use whatever term works for you) then it also means astral beings occupy them. In my AP experiences I have seen the astral planes go up multiple levels higher and higher seemingly infinite staircase with many different realms or area's on each plane or level. The astral levels or realms also spiralled downwards the opposite direction seemingly right down into hellish evil realms. It's almost like Life starts out completely basic, simple unity and the higher conscious it becomes the more complex and diverse it is as well.

    One such technique is to travel as fast you can in any given direction when you become lucid within a dream, you can fly or run super fast or even jump or teleport, or use a portal. The idea is to get away from your personally projected space within the mental dream realm, and breach the border or cross over into astral territory. Perhaps higher lucidity allows for greater exploration of this, a greater level of awareness would certainly not go astray in helping one to go deeper beyond. Dreams can sometimes be a mix between partial astral, partial personal dreamspace, sometimes unintentionally whereas majority of the time they are 99.9% internally constructed personal projected mental space within the own confines or area of your mind or mental field of awareness. Another technique might be to simply become aware of these boundaries, aware of the confines you are currently within while lucid, then expand it or travel outside of it, maybe shrink it to easily transition beyond it. Sometimes astral beings can creep into your personal dreamspace as well. It's extremely hard to clearly define or clarify, the correct terminology, rules, boundaries, conditions, etc is not well established and very subjective. Much is based on subjective experience trying to cross reference and correlate from other people's experiences to arrive at a somewhat objective viewpoint. Rupert Sheldrake's work on morphic fields might hold a bit more weight here in this regard.

    After reading a few accounts on NDEs it seems most people when they die experience similar things, much like in DMT trips. But what they often report is the experience is different for everyone according to their belief system. Which implies a dream-like quality to the afterlife, and highlights how important it is to only hold onto beliefs which benefit you personally, and will benefit you even more when you cross over because your belief will shape your experience of it there. Buddhists mention the bardo, christian limbo, etc. and highlight the importance of becoming lucid, overcoming fear to get to a better place when they die, that if you die there you end up back here re-incarnating into a new body with complete amnesia. I highly believe the afterlife is like a shared lucid dream, and I will continue to believe this because that's what I want to happen, so I can become a lucid god in a high level astral realm when I die. This is where all us lucid dreamers have an advantage over non-dreamers because it's likely we will become lucid of the thought "oh yeah I'm dead, I died in real life a few moments ago" and have some level of control to navigate and defend ourselves. The worst thing you could do there is try to force yourself awake, because then you are sent straight into a new body in the physical world (denser version of the astral) that is if you don't already have a body to go back to of course, probably after existing in a deep state of unconsciousness first which wipes the memory (like coma patients the longer they under the more of themselves they lose). If you stay in the astral, you can do anything you can imagine, and places can be so vibrant and vivid that it's more pleasant and peaceful, more 'real' than here. It also explains why we constantly end up back in this physical plane with no memory, which better prepares us for our next chance over there. Back n forth we go crossing over the veil, until we can one day either walk straight through the veil freely (enlightenment?) or never end up back here again. It would also be much easier to access information over there, deep subconcious learning could be had quite easily and higher levels of lucidity could be gained at an almost expotential rate, provided you get over the inital bump in the road they call limbo or bardo, aka hell.

    A few examples of the highly intelligent beings I've come across:
    -subconscious personified: asked to talk with SC, appeared as the most beautiful woman I ever seen that I instantly felt deep connection with, knew everything about me, knew what I was thinking, knew what I wanted and was going to say or do next, made me more lucid, gave me 100% control and followed me around in the lucid dream so I could demonstrate my new found abilities and level of control to her. (this is example where the character is actually MORE intelligent than I am, or has greater level of awareness than I do)
    -astral attackers: one example, a being I never seen before had a sort of rainbow body made of translucent multi-coloured shimmering light but still in a human form comes seemingly out of no where, walks right up to me without saying anything, sticks his hand out towards me palm facing down and sticks it right into my belly, then proceeds to try and drain the life force out of me. It was painful and I remember screaming saying "what are you doing" with no response. I get away but that wasn't my first encounter. Another time similar astral attacker, this time more human form but without the rainbow light body wearing all black and black trenchcoat does exact same thing. This one talked a little at least I was running away, trying to escape, multiple methods of evasion teleporting everything under the sun, no matter where I went he was instantly there. When I asked him what he was doing his response was "I want your power ball" now you could interpret this how you want, he might mean chakra, or dantein (like in kungfu) or I could have misinterpreted ball as the name Baal. Maybe he actually saying "I want your power, Baal" referring to me as the Caananite God, enemy of Yahweh. I didn't even know who Baal was back then, with no interest or knowledge on that subject, I just don't know but one thing was clear he was something else, from somewhere else trying to take away my soul, because it felt like having your soul drained, it felt like dying for good, like going into oblivion kind of dying.
    -astral parasites: I'm on an alien world, the world is beautiful beyond words and I'm there just appreciating the immaculate beauty and happily exploring when all of a sudden a flying bat-like creature comes out of the sky latches on to me and starts sucking blood out of me, like a vampire bat? so strange. I remembered that dream for weeks, and it made me feel so peaceful remembering back on it (well remembering the first part before the bat came along)
    -astral vampires: literally vampiric humans in an astral realm, they lulled me from my bed singing a sweet lullaby to my soul in latin (I don't even know latin but could still remember some parts of the song which I later used google translate to work out)
    -aliens: multiple encounters with grey aliens, went to their home planet one time as well and it has a heavy vibe of fear so much that it's like the atmosphere they breathe and they thrive in that feeling of fear which increased their mental capabilities, the fear is not your typical level of "oh ♥♥♥♥" more like being afraid of fear itself level where you are completely incapicitated or paralyzed by it, they love that feeling and can't get enough of it.
    -pleasant astral humans: travelling to different realms consciously I stumbled into a few places, perhaps 'off-bounds' to regular travellers, I get asked "what are you doing here? how did you get here?" sort of questions which typical dream characters don't usually ask, at least not in my normal dreams
    -heavenly or demonic beings: this includes God, demigods, angels, spiritual guide, Satan, demons, ascended masters, enlightened beings, etc. most are transcendental in nature but not all.
    -dream architects: trying to get out of the simulation of life, trying to wake up into the 'real world' on numerous attempts, along the way met lots of interesting folk that act behind the scenes controlling peoples dreams (nice rhyme huh?)
    -real people from waking life: shared dreams with people I know, most the time they typically 'don't remember' or won't admit it. Most of them not into dreaming and have zero recall anyway.
    -celebrities: keanu reeves, tom cruise, Tupac, etc. I don't even like hiphop never listened to Tupac, didn't know what he even looked like or care about him at all, yet still meet him and have epic dream about it.
    -there's many more examples, and also examples of astral places like the school of learning I went to where they speak telepathically and teach anything you want to learn, which for me was learning how to heal people.
    -funnily enough, my dream guides are utterly clueless, whenever I ask to see my dream guide it's always a different random DC displaying complete lack of intelligence.
    -then there's other stuff like time dilation, 2 hour dream in space of 2 minutes in waking life, being a martial arts expert like it's 2nd nature to me knowing moves I never even seen on TV, being able to freestyle rap like Eninem which I totally suck at in real life (on the spot at least). To dismiss all this as pure fantasy is ludicrous in my opinion, there are just too many unexplained things that go beyond resonable explanation or understanding.

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    Re: The Awareness behind the dream (Summerlander)

    inspiration + imagination = truth(this is working) = intelligence

    What does not work, I suggest, is just called energy, once you realise the significance of Self.

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