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Thread: Forum feedback

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    Forum feedback

    Found a couple of problems with the forum you may want to try and address.

    1.) searching on google for astral dynamics forum (also happens using other search engines e.g. duckduckgo) using any browser eg. chrome or firefox, if you click the link for the forum you always get taken somewhere else. Someone has hijacked that link, the link takes you to entirely different unsecure/unsafe random website. the only way to get to this forum, is if you have it book marked or if you click the link for astral dynamics homepage instead then get to the forum through there.
    2.) the forum time-out for login is too short, often if I'm making a post will get logged out by the time I am ready to submit it. Which can also result in losing the entire post you created if not careful.
    3.) cookies? auto saving log-in details seems a little broken, would be nice if it automatically logged me in with each visit or could always remain logged in, having an option or setting to make this a function users can turn on or off might be an idea.

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    Re: Forum feedback

    The forum is migrating soon, so please bear with us, many of these things will go away when this happens.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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