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Thread: Creating a poltergeist tulpa?

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    Creating a poltergeist tulpa?

    Hello I've had an idea and I thought I'd ask the olyris & Antares forum about it (ha ha what a funny joke of mine)

    Let's imagine there's someone who only found out about spirituality last Tuesday, and the Saturday after next he's going to be hosting a party, and he wants something cool to impress the guests (no it's not me, just fictional context for the idea). He's got Initiation Into Hermetics lying unread propping up his sofa. He's aware of tulpas and servitors, and dominating demon emanations. He also aware of poltergeists though he doesn't know what they are. So he's put together this plan:

    Step 1: He's going to try conjuring a poltergeist.
    He's thinking of using the Barbie Ouija he saw for sale in the post office. He could try making a sigil for it to facilitate step 2. Or he could keep asking the ghost of Napoleon or something to rotate the bottle cap he has on a circle.

    Step 2: Once he knows there's something that can move things, he's going to try taking control of the poltergeist.
    He's going to use its sigil to refer to it if he made one. He's going to visualise a 3d form for it, he's thinking Flutershy from My Little Pony (don't tell anyone he's a brony).
    Option 1: He's going to make it into a tulpa by talking to it and making it talk back the way he wants it to, and telling it what its personality is emotionally. He's going to make it develop a will of its own and intelligence enough to hold a conversation.
    Option 2: He's going to make his servitor, created for the task, dominantly merge with it and take on its telekineic ability. (If he already has a tulpa, the tulpa can try instead of a servitor)
    Option 3: He's going to treat it like a demon emanation and absorb it himself, gaining its telekinesis.

    Step 3: Once he has telekinesis under the control of human intelligence and will (whether that be himself or a tulpa) he's going to practice moving things.

    Step 4: When it's time for the party, he's going to show off his cool new telekinesis. Maybe he's going to have to ask them to close their eyes, or divert their minds, or show them one at a time, if the poltergeist has trouble moving things when people watch expectantly. They're all going to be amazed, and when they ask him how he did it, he's going to tell them, and they're going to try it themselves until children across the land are summoning poltergeists and playing pranks at school.

    I'm not sure just how well this idea would work though. I've been reading a lot about tulpas and servitors created by people from a materialistic perspective. A lot of them think tulpas are in the brain. They can be heard and seen by their hosts, while being invisible and inaudible to others. The host and tulpa can switch who is controlling the body, such that the host becomes like a tulpa and the tulpa is like the host. It's just multiple personalities, it seems. Tulpas and servitors seem to exist in the mind of its creator.

    Some people say poltergeists are spirits, but also some people think poltergeists are attached to people, or are parts of the minds of the people. So can a poltergeist actually be manipulated as part of your own mind like a servitor and tulpa can? Of if a poltergeist is external to you, can it still be manipulated? Are there two sorts of poltergeist? That's something I don't understand, what a poltergeist actually is. If there's literature on the topic then I'll be interested, but I have the impression that people just ignore poltergeists even though they have telekinesis which I think is pretty cool.

    I read in an older thread someone asking about tulpas interacting with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon but it didn't really get anyone confirm it, so maybe that doesn't work, or at least not for tulpas that aren't actual wizards.
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    K', I'll play. Tulpas aka created thought forms get their form, substance from thought energy, anyone's thought energy so I would imagine that this imaginary someone could quickly lose control as others become aware and give their thought energy to it. So something that started off as silly and benign could become something more and not so benign.

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    Re: Creating a poltergeist tulpa?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
    K', I'll play. Tulpas aka created thought forms get their form, substance from thought energy, anyone's thought energy so I would imagine that this imaginary someone could quickly lose control as others become aware and give their thought energy to it. So something that started off as silly and benign could become something more and not so benign.
    Yep. There are many religiously created tulpas out there that do a lot of damage, but people love to create fear, so they keep getting fed.
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    Re: Creating a poltergeist tulpa?

    Hmm all right then, that possibility is going to make me cautious, possibly too cautious to try it.
    Evidence for the idea that tulpas can safely interact with other people is that tulpas can speak to the host who can speak for them, and that the host can let a tulpa control his body and interact with people, and that the tulpa can switch places with the host and interact with people (the body can even spend most waking time with a tulpa in control).

    Robert Bruce said that tulpas can not have kundalini because they don't have physical bodies, and human bodies have reptilian DNA which lets us have kundalini. If that's true then maybe there are different things called tulpas mistakenly thought to be the same sort of thing, or maybe Robert Bruce said that before the recent discovery that the tulpa and host can switch places (making the host and tulpa seem to be of like nature). Couldn't you just switch with the tulpa for it to get the kundalini hmm

    edit: here's an idea, if you and your telekineic tulpa were all right with it, you could merge into just one, and maybe that would have the telekinesis from the poltergeist, while not counting as a tulpa therefore safe from being changed by others. I am too fond of my ego for that (if ego's the word).

    edit 2: yeah maybe eventually I will post in that Ask Robert Bruce thing with tulpas and kundalini and ask if you can switch with your best BFF 4 evs tulpa for it to get some of that kundalini.
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