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    Copy: Theosophy

    Dear Mister Bruce,

    after reading the first time about theosophy in a book of Charles Webster Leadbeater, I wonder if you have achieved any experiences that confirm that belief system to be true and to be taken seriously?

    I seem to struggle to learn and achieve OBEs and lucid dreams, and I begin to ask myself if it’s perhaps just because of the karma aspect, mentioned within the theosophy.

    Leabeater says that those who decide and work on entering the „path“ to become „helpers“ (Astral travelers who help people, for example when in situations of risk of death), those will „earn the privilege to remember the nightly OBE-excursions“.

    So, I wonder, if this statement is true, and if (or better: as) I decide to become a full conscious helper, is this decision enough to attract the attention of the astral world?
    So that I am finally allowed to achieve full conscious OBEs, in order to become a helper myself?

    Or is there, in your experience, no such a helper-„system“, with a „path“ we can (or have to) enter, in order to become full conscious Astral Travel „Helpers“ for the humankind?

    Thank you very much in advance!
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    Re: Theosophy

    Sorry, but I don’t understand that question.
    I never experienced an OBE or lucid dream, though I work hard for it since (far) more than a year, and so I wonder if there might be a higher reason. Some sort of „It’s not allowed for you, at the moment.“
    And if this was the case, the only comprehensible reason (for me) would be bad karma, as described by Leadbeater.

    I am fascinated by the idea to learn OBEs and use them for higher purposes, at least this one I can say for sure.

    Not only traveling around and have some great adventures, but to learn, to evolve, to help others.
    If this is an astral order or a mental order I can’t say, as I don’t really understand the sense of that difference, sorry.

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    Re: Theosophy

    It's a general applicable question regarding the matter of integrity. If the astral and the mental were the same, the masters were the saints. This world does not think like that - ie, identity could be lost.

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