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Thread: Heart Problems

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    Re: Heart Problems

    The loophole in the golden rule, the hole in the tapestry, is astral in making, thusly: If the principle fits that you are divine, then your will be done at once...

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    Re: Heart Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    If the principle fits that you are divine, then your will be done at once...
    Wow, I love that!

    This could be used as an affirmation,,,

    "I am divine and all is perfect!"

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    Re: Heart Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexx View Post
    Hi Riddler,

    Its great news that your electrocardiogram and examination show no issues. This means you should be fine to progress with your energy work, but please keep the golden rule firmly in mind. The stress test and echocardiogram are probably not required if the cardiologist has stated so.

    The one extra self test I would do if it was me, is to go for a brisk walk and see if there is any chest pain or pressure. If there is chest pain or pressure which is not caused by unfitness, then certainly return to your cardiologist for further advice and maybe a cardiac stress test.

    Hope this helps

    Best Wishes

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    An ekg maps your heartbeat to make sure there is no weird or different rythmn, to make sure all the parts of the pumping are where they should be. If this is normal most probably there is no need for additional testing. An echocardiogram is a 3D moving picture of the heart pumping, in which the dr. can see all the chambers, valves and actually see the direction of the blood flow. This shows him if there is leaking of the valves (backwards leaking on the relaxed section) and to see that the blood flows where it's supposed to. This is usually unnecessary if the ekg is normal.
    But I think he should have done the stress test (which is an ekg done while you run and jump) to make sure the ekg stays within normal parameters while you're stressing your body.) I believe he (or she) didn't find it necessary because your problem is when you're very relaxed- the trance state is very relaxed and your heart rate goes down, not up- if there were a problem with your heartbeat while relaxing you would feel palpitations when you go to sleep. Therefore most probably unnecessary.
    Plus the average echo is approx. 10,000. US. That's why you have to have insurance in the US.
    Thank you Dear Jexx and Dear CFTraveler
    I started cardiovascular exercises 2*10 minutes every day. In first few days I was feeling pain in my chest when I was exercising. every day the point of pain was moving to another point. after few days I felt nothing, no pain and tension .I continue to do my exercises and it seems to be OK and also after energy works I don't have that symptoms which I had before starting this exercises. I think that was because of unfitness.
    thank you guys and thanks to energy work that revealed this problem and thanks to Robert Bruce for developing this.

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