It seems like in allot of eastern systems there is extreme importance on developing the energy storage center also called dan tiens or stones in mideival times. That this is the key to energetic development.

And that we can project out of the energy storage centers after they have been developed, and even ones that appear above the head.

Have you explored the development of the storage centers? Should we just focus on developing those?and is the kundalini circuit related to these or can we achieve the same effects of a kundalini awakening by just developing the energy storage centers to their limit?

Also it Seems like there is a lot of new age nonsense about removing chakras and replacing them with a 3 chakra system. A few authors seem to be promoting this, and it’s pretty laughable. Seems like they got the energy storage centers and chakras mixed up from some channeling session. And they think that the energy storage centers are the real chakras.