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Thread: Ongoing Dmdream history timeline is like a parallel life.

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    Ongoing Dmdream history timeline is like a parallel life.

    I have an ongoing pattern where I have a spot on the couch where I nap in the afternoon and have some of my most lucid dreams. This dream happened in my spot just this afternoon. It is my "dream message receiving spot"

    Background - I have an ex-husband who was very narcissistic and contolling/emotionally abusive - who I struggled with complicated ptsd because of.
    We have two adult children.

    I also have had ongoing dreams that he is featured in where I am still in a marriage sort of relationship with him. He's like a shadow animus for those who appreciate Jungian psychology. These ongoing dreams are like a parallel lived existence because they are thematically connected and also contain a sense of linear time. There is a strong intimacy.

    Anyway - he's my "husband" in this dream again. We are in the kitchen and he kisses me and makes a remark that my mouth tastes like death and tells me I need to take something for it. (He used to comment often that my breath stank). I then am running my tongue over my teeth and noticing loose teeth and remembering from previous times in past dreams (again this feels like a parallel dream life with a memory timeline) when I have had loose teeth and was afraid I was losing all of them, and even had gone to consult with dream dentists about the matter. I am basically in my dream running a dream life timeline, connecting dream life circumstances to the current one.

    Then the scene switches to a bedroom where there is a model of my mouth, like one would find in a dentists' office, on the dresser that shows I have lost my entire top row of teeth.

    The scene then switches again to me conversing through a bedroom door with my son's mother-in-law - who seems reluctant to come out from behind her bedroom door and is halfway behind it with one eye peeking out - I don't know what she is saying.

    End of dream. Of note I am not aware I am dreaming in the dream.

    For me - dream symbolism of teeth are about integrity and power of words. I have a sense of indignation in response to this dream.

    I would appreciate some interpretations to brainstorm and process with.


  2. Re: Ongoing Dmdream history timeline is like a parallel life.

    I get a similar thing sometimes in recurring dreams where I remember that I've had the dream before and what to do next, but I STILL don't realise that it's a dream! So in waking life I will have forgotten it completely, then in the dream I remember all of these places and a script to follow. But I can't be entirely sure then if I'm dreaming that I remember or if I really do have memories that are only available in dreams. It has happened in unrelated dreams though, suppose I should have kept a diary to work it out. I think it's really interesting that your dreams seem to have a continuing timeline, it's kind of similar, but you don't repeat the same thing over.

    I've had the "teeth falling out" kind of dream before, I remember one where they fell out and I crammed them back in to try and hide it from my mum. I had interpreted it as something about getting older, but I never thought of interpreting it as something to do with words, that could explain why I was trying to keep it secret.

    Not really sure how to interpret the relationships because they're personal to you. I do notice that I sometimes fall into the same thought patterns when I'm hanging the laundry, wonder if the same theme is something conditioned by always napping in the same position.

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