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Thread: Magic Thesis

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    Magic Thesis

    Reason: The Black Sun

    The way that you think of your life is original, permanent, inalienable, final. Frankly you don't get more love and kindness into yourself than you were born with. This means that occasionally you have the choice, to forgive. In choosing "no," please do not ignore people. Please is the magic word. Having enlightened thee universe to its one true problem - the solution is no to pain. "I" chose glory.

    Folly: The Yellow Moon

    In choosing comes the suggestion to point out what you do, typically to another soul. Using your magic with change, the point is encapsulated in the change. An ideal amount of change is all and everything, and I sincerely do think that magic wants the foundation that strong. In knowing that "choice" is the key to new fun, is there any magic in self at all, beyond mucking around now? "Yes."
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    Prophecy in a Parable

    The Significance of Wonder

    How many times did the red rabbit sing to the little green frog?
    Until the toad appeared before him and told him when.

    This illustrates the purpose of joy - "mine and yours" is an ultimatum, "ours" is death - so you will not win with a moron.

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    Drowning is a hate spell - the truth is not funny.
    Burning is a love spell - sex is not funny.

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    Exorcism is the guess that "I have practiced enough" so I choose "finality" not "fatality."

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    Re: Magic Thesis

    The Divine Beings: Your purpose is guided, by a force seen to be omnipotent. Almighty and sane, we don't assume that ego. To assume nothing is wrong, is to serve GOD.

    And I choose.
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    Re: Magic Thesis

    Choose your own adventure.

    1. Who heals love, sees divinity, tells the truth and salvation is cool.
    2. Who makes money, sells religion, intervenes destiny and damnation is final.

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    Re: Magic Thesis

    In evolution there are three things to observe:

    1. truth
    2. justice
    3. the american way

    ​I know what I mean...

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    The step beyond fear is mind - you are yourself and you are divine already.

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    Purity is the difference between "yes" and "no" and it really involves courage; either.

    What do you want?
    Do you want it forever?
    When is the truth sound?

    The only way to succeed is to purpose the ego that might - win.

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