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Thread: Old tradition and New tradition

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    Old tradition and New tradition

    I think there is a higher reason why religions are at decline. This refers not just to religions actually, but everything 'old', including all pagan stuff, wicca, even traditional magic, or magic in general.

    However, I am more and more convinced that going the opposite extreme: creating the purely, extremely secular society which founds their beliefs in mechanical and cold science (as it is now) will fail as well.

    "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" - but this is what the leaders of the XIXth and XXth century exactly did, providing a new 'wonderful' program for educating children (no one asking them what they think - or maybe feel, should I write - of it).

    You may see some people trying to restore old beliefs, particularly in the pagan area, this includes some more esoteric circles like wicca, but IMHO all of those attempts will fail.

    And actually everything will fail if not conforming with the progressive thought. The progressive thought, or wave, which I called in this thread's title a 'new tradition', is IMHO something that frees people from the old attachements and beliefs, and creating a totally new society. What will this 'new society' be is a matter of choices - both individually and massively, and how much harmony or disintegration (disagree) will follow in the upcoming decades between different people and views.

    No doubt at the moment there is a large number of explicit conflicts between different views, not just science vs. mystic, but much more, in many areas. Science was the answer to the need of releasing old patterns (old traditions), but now there is a need to release the old - as it is now - fossilized science, or the way how it is provided at this point. Some people already tried to reform science and open it to the wider views; of course the first leaders are not just scientists, you may find them actually in any area.

    This - following the progressive thought - would result in restoring economical, ecological, social and actually every other sort of balance on the Earth.

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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    As usual, I see things differently. Old religions give rise to new ones, sometimes disguised as 'ancient ones'. In the various spiritual communities that I frequent, there is a tendency to resurrect old ideas under new umbrellas- if anything, I see a step back to old beliefs (and not the good ones, IMO) while giving them new names. It is very discouraging to me.
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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    You may see some people trying to restore old beliefs, particularly in the pagan area, this includes some more esoteric circles like wicca, but IMHO all of those attempts will fail.
    How would you define or what do you mean by 'FAIL' in this context?
    Fail to become mainstream? I know those who follow some old pagan traditions/religions/customs do not necessarily convince others to do/be the same. They are quite happy in their little niches. These spiritual traditions do not have the same proselytizing tendencies that especially Christianity or Islam have/had.
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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    There is freedom, sure, and there will always be smaller and larger groups in their niches, perhaps less or more closed to others (other people) in a way, hidden in the "undergrounds", unless a totalitarists take over the planet to the extent when no freedom would remain, and technology would be used to control each individual's thoughts. (IMHO this won't ultimately happen however).

    Yes you are right Sinera, what i mean is making a 'thing' massively popular.

    And an interesting point CFTraveler: maybe this is what is going to happen in future - instead of creating a massive program (which is what I actually meant by indicating religions, thinking of major religions in the world), there could be a stronger distinction between different groups (vs. one massive program for the whole society). You might be right on this.

    But what I have noticed in many such small circles, or niches, is an ambitious pressumption to consider their religion 'the best one': be it a nordic religion, other European old religion, an old american native religion, an eastern religion or sect, and so on. Since it 'is the best' (it doesn't matter if explicitly or even consciously assumed so), the circle tends to be 'closed' and 'hard to digest' by others, as mentioned above. Yet, the current general tendency is still go mainstream - for most people. Gradually it changes, in many fields, from religions to music to art to food and actually everything.

    The bottom line of the discussion is what is considered a 'religion', I think. It is not just a stack of beliefs, IMHO - this would be a philosophy. However, what I can see about the world is the religions being less and less important to people's lives, and as such they are declining. Many people consider themselves not religious, and do not want to change that. (Myself included).

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    I am not religious at all, too. I don't even like the word. But I also have a problem with the word 'spirituality' or when people label themselves 'spiritual'. Comes with so many preconceptions, overloaded, and sometimes also with elitist notions, such as the religions that consider all themselves to be 'the best'. Sometimes I prefer to use the term 'metaphysics' for lack of another or better expression to talk about these things regarding non-physical wider realities and related stuff.

    As regards sympathies for the ancient 'pagan' religions, I have to say I like some of the old paganism for the cultural aspects and especially the relation to Nature which got lost in the Abrahamic cults in my view.

    Also love some of the music which to me is best 'for the soul' if you will. I listen to a lot of today's Nordic (Viking, Pagan) Folk which is now going through a kind of revitalisation by re-imagining the music with all the old instruments etc. I indeed consider it 'spiritual' (despite me not liking the word, LOL) even if the songs are about 'worldly' topics. It resonnates inside, for many people. For me it's the "real" soul music.
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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    The beliefs fail where the principle is not. Failing principle is belief, then. A principle that believes, however is a truth. Sin almighty or faith divine? You should know.

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    Re: Old tradition and New tradition

    I think religions are driving people away because of their dogma that serves to alienate rather than being inclusive and accepting. And the awakening of consciousness of people realizing they no longer need religion to connect to the divine.


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