Hi all,

I'm working on learning how to astral project from a meditative state and looking for advice on how to do it.

I have been meditating consistently for many years because I enjoy it very much, I know many meditation techniques and it's got to the point where I can pretty much walk around and talk to people whilst being in a somewhat meditative state. My mental chatter has calmed down considerably, to the point it's almost non-existent and I live life mostly from my heart where I feel deep inner peace which also helps quieten my mind. However, I have some questions about how to astral project whilst meditating.

I've done astral projection many times before but it's always been through sleep paralysis, or crossing from a lucid dream into astral territory. If one is to do it from a meditative state, is paralysis still a necessary requirement for it? is there a technique for doing it from a meditative state? and if one were to achieve astral projection from a meditative state I would assume it would feel more like astral projection than remote viewing correct? I would rather try to achieve a full on AP experience from meditation than something more akin to a RV experience.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!