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Thread: Astral projection from a meditative state

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    Astral projection from a meditative state

    Hi all,

    I'm working on learning how to astral project from a meditative state and looking for advice on how to do it.

    I have been meditating consistently for many years because I enjoy it very much, I know many meditation techniques and it's got to the point where I can pretty much walk around and talk to people whilst being in a somewhat meditative state. My mental chatter has calmed down considerably, to the point it's almost non-existent and I live life mostly from my heart where I feel deep inner peace which also helps quieten my mind. However, I have some questions about how to astral project whilst meditating.

    I've done astral projection many times before but it's always been through sleep paralysis, or crossing from a lucid dream into astral territory. If one is to do it from a meditative state, is paralysis still a necessary requirement for it? is there a technique for doing it from a meditative state? and if one were to achieve astral projection from a meditative state I would assume it would feel more like astral projection than remote viewing correct? I would rather try to achieve a full on AP experience from meditation than something more akin to a RV experience.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Astral projection from a meditative state

    It's not necessary, but learning to project yourself out of the body while mobile is very difficult- moving will kick you out of the deep trance state, and IMO it just doesn't last if you're not in a deep trance. I've done it a few times, but it wasn't easy.
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    Re: Astral projection from a meditative state

    It is necessary to have a reason to do what you are (planning to do). Aside from that, it's about force. This theory is called dynamics, and it applies to automobiles. Repeat: A reason plus a prerogative equals a motive, sends the world to shivers.

    In the New Age, they have talked about the laws of allowance, balance, attraction and intent. This the law of intent, in full. - olyris

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    Re: Astral projection from a meditative state

    intent is positive and normal (and) not bad

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    Re: Astral projection from a meditative state

    Thanks for the replies...

    Yes, I assumed as much - if sleep paralysis is required in a dream state to stop the physical body moving, and this applies to astral projection as well, then it makes sense you would need to be paralyzed in meditation too (or extremely tranquil to the point of being somewhat paralyzed) otherwise when you move your astral body, there'd be a high change of moving your physical too.

    So, would it make more sense to work on remote viewing from meditation instead of astral projection? I'm just unsure on how to get started doing it technique-wise, do I just try to visualize my surroundings in 100% clarity?

    Olyris, my intention here is - as always - is self-improvement and self-development. My belief is that when we die, we pass on to the astral so it makes sense to obtain as much experience with it as possible. It's also my belief that we can potentially develop the ability to cross the veil into the astral, and be able to move back and forth freely - or develop the ability to be partially in the astral whilst still in the physical at same time. By gaining more experience, we can learn and grow to become a better person and gain more knowledge and wisdom in the process.

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