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Thread: Rules

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    Re: Rules

    The ones who have been known to borrow our thoughts and agendas in such, and do not get along, have been suffering the faith of all family, which seeds itself in secrets removed far beyond lost whispers. Be good to your kin, for "these" alternatives are mirror reflecting evil, the unforgiving mind. They borrow your name, and they do not get along. Stones that are not yet thrown. Be warned, and stay close to God. You shaln't have of them.

    - channeled now, not perfect, i believe this is coming from sirius - olyris

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    Catch 22

    This thread made me think about safety.
    1. with safety, you get 50/50 good and bad - eg making bread, you have to mind you don't burn it.
    2. with danger, you get 90% great, 10% dead - eg pressing heavy weights, you don't really want to muck up your routine.

    Makes me wonder.
    a) Is there a safe way to be great? No.
    b) Is there a happy way to be good? No.

    Well then, I am damned if I do, and I am damned if I don't make for myself my lessons in this life. I assume that jealousy is having a go at point's (a) and (b) - on some level, though, they just might be correct in an offhand way. Knowing God and the Heavenly Angels is the exhalted exception to such a rule, can I be safe and happy? Well, you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't!

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    Re: Rules

    So: The conclusion to my study here at is that in light of the potential for an evil ("nice") universe there is the potential for a bad ("brave") revolt. What does good ("will") do anyway? Ah.

    "In the potential lies the seed for change."

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