I've had many OOBE's and stopped for sometime. No big reason why I had stopped, I just felt like taking a break. If that's a thing. Well, I very recently have experienced something new and difficult for me to understand. In this experience I was raising and moving around vibrations in my body. Without wanting to exit or explore, then someone handed me in my right hand a card(felt like and looked like a business card). When I looked at the card, it illuminated in a fluorescent white light. The level of vibrations I was already in sky rocketed to a single very high pitch tone. I then started descending very rapidly, I felt no fear but was aware of my surroundings. I saw very tall dark figures, but they only passed by as I descended. I then only remember waking. I don't know how long this took. I can't find similar experiences out there. Any information that anyone would like to share would be of great help.