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Thread: Scientific articles regarding NEW?

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    Scientific articles regarding NEW?

    Hello everyone!
    I am curious to know if any scientific studies concerning the effectiveness of tactile imaging are existing.
    In my meditations, I always use a combination of visual and mostly tactile impressions and combine them with
    inner vibrations (bhramari) and affirmations. This works very well for me and I am convinced of the principles of NEW,
    but I would nervertheless very much be interested in any studies that confirm this.

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    Re: Scientific articles regarding NEW?

    There is a book called molecules of emotion that touches on this

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    Re: Scientific articles regarding NEW?

    Hello artsguy! I know the book of Candace Pert but I am looking for
    more specific tactile related facts concerning NEW or similar systems. I have found nothing as regards to this and I fear that this might
    not yet have been looked at by science.
    Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the tip!

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