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Thread: Tinnitus after trance practice

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    Tinnitus after trance practice

    I'm new to this meditation thing, but I really would like to astrally project, so I started practicing meditation and attempting what I think is "trance" meditation.

    After the first attempt, I woke up during the night utterly convinced a bug had crawled in my ear. I could hear buzzing and it came from inside. I've had tinnitus before, but this time I felt "activity" in my left ear. So I got up in a panic, went to my bathroom and used an earbud to empty out my ear. Nothing. I'm relieved but every now and again I feel like I have a ghost worm in my ear. It's not just the "tinnitus", but it's the sensation of knowing something is happening in my left ear!

    And this started after my first attempt at trance meditation. Coincidence?

    Any thoughts, is this normal? Should I expect more activity?


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    Re: Tinnitus after trance practice

    It's not really tinnitus, it's more like 'noticing the sound'. Trance practice makes you more aware of everything, including that.
    There are other 'developmental side effects' with meditation practice.
    A mild form of depersonalization is a thing that can happen, and any type of natural abilities will be enhanced.
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    Re: Tinnitus after trance practice

    Most commonly refer to that sound as “receiving downloads”. When it comes as that tinnitus type sound (which is like tinnitus but is different), it usually means the download you’ve received will unpack with it’s meaning delivered at a later divine time.

    that’s how I look at it anyway. I’ve had incidental tinnitus earlier in my life after a day of using loud using power saws. If you’ve had both, then you can tell the difference between them.
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