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Thread: AP to future? YouTube Channel

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    AP to future? YouTube Channel

    There is a YouTube channel that I follow, and it is of a man who says he can Astrally Project and has been doing it since he was a child. The Channel is called "Astral Club", but I can't post links yet. All his videos have yellow backgrounds.

    He uses this channel to post his AP experiences, things he's seen, been and interacted with.

    This man says that when you AP you can travel back and forth in time. If you travel to a possible future, you can stay there a really long time, like months, and when you come back only minutes have passed.

    Apparently, he says that it's the other way round if you travel to the past. You can only go there for a really short time, and when you come back you'll find that it took longer. But for some reason, he says he can't find out how the Egyptian Pyramids were built.

    He also warns to not AP to government buildings. Apparently they have astral "traps" to protect themselves against snoopers, and even utilise APing agents!

    Is this man genuine or not? Obviously I haven't travelled yet or I could find out myself. But does this guy seem genuine in his videos? Is his info legit?


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    Re: AP to future? YouTube Channel

    The future doesn't exist, but there is a space of virtual possible futures. I imagine he is accessing this (which anyone can, in trance). The mistake is thinking that this is The Future- it's just one of the possibilities, given whatever he is doing now. By giving your attention to 'that' version you make it more likely to happen. So if you access a view of the future, make sure to pick something you want.
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