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Thread: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

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    Opening of chackra and demonic spirits


    I heard from several people that opening chackra scan open you up to demonic spirits like they attach to you or something. I am not sure if opening is the proper term and I believe Robert and his experience and practices on opening them up I just would like your opinion or experiences if this is true
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    Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    This is because they believe the traditional ideas that chakras are doors. Some of us believe that chakras are energy vortexes that connect the energy body more physically to the physical body, that transmute energy, and though they can be used to connect with another person's energy, are not doors and are not plugs that demonic energies connect with- they don't 'open and close', they activate or 'slow down'.
    Some of us believe the possible connection with a demonic entity is a mental one, that's why fear is a problem.
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    Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    Right. Like I read and watch a few videos that in the Bible there are hidden meanings behind the stories and chackra sand kundalini are talked about in them. Also I noticed that chackra are affected by being around other people. My chackra tend to be affected from being around other people when I work on them. I also notice that my tail bone tends to move a lot and has a lot to do with my thinking or state of mind. Also by being in certain places like at parks I can’t work on my chackra sand cause something possibly the people or just the fact that it is a park that I can’t work on my chackra like it’s hard for me to connect with my tactile senses and it keeps from doing so it feels damaging
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    Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    Hi HiddenDaoist87,

    Being around other people can affect a persons energy body, and to some degree the chakras. This depends on your proximity to energy bodies of the other people, as well as the nature of any interactions with other people. Doing energy work requires focus of attention, so it is possible that doing energy work in the park (or other places) is difficult for you because keeping mental and tactile focus is difficult in that environment.

    In regards to demonic attacks when your chakras are open, my experience tells me that such attacks by negative entities take place regardless of what the chakras are doing. I agree with CTF, that chakras might not open and close, as much as they speed up and slow down, and become more active and stimulated, or less so.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best Wishes

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    Re: Opening of chackra and demonic spirits

    Hello Jexx,

    Yes since I am currently homeless I stay in a walking trail park and it is very open and vast. I usually sit on a bench and I feel when people pass by or people who live in houses nears by I usually connect with them. I am very self conscious. Also when I try to do energy work I feel my tail “lock up” I feel it move and click which disables me from doing energy work it’s as if my my tail bone locks my brain up from getting in tune with my tactile senses and when I try to force it I feel this squeezing pressure in my tailbone which makes it harder for my tactile senses to move for example from my finger tips to wrist. When I force it I do feel the energetic charging and movements of energy but I feel like i am not doing it right and damaging my tactile sensing . This lock up also happens when I am around people or when people connect to me or when they pass by me.

    Another thing I noticed I was applying the focus attention detail and I feel myself focus and I try to keep my mind attention to the tactile energy moving sensing but after a while like a minute my mind wanders and start thinking/visualizing all these things that usually it’s what I think about like things I need/want to do etc so

    About the the demons attaching to chackras it would make sense that they would be able to attach to you and various degrees of the chackra a being active I have felt and sense and seen in my minds eye that people around me or near by have attached to my chackras this usually happens often I believe And know i am a very vulnerable person my chackras are very inactive and due to my current situation homeless I am susceptible to this. My tai chi teacher said that in order for nothing to attach to you you would need to have generated a trenendous amount of chi energy strengthen it, refine it, purify it and transform it to other higher vibrations of energy and these entities and people will slip off like water on glass or they would not be able to penetrate you so I would think this would also apply to chackra work, energy work, kundalini work and Astral work
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