Have you noticed any changes in yourself in the recent 10 years or so?

I have a tendency to write down things that come to my mind - anywhere, like on the phone, in the internet, and on paper. I have many things written down (most of which never went public) on many things.

When I'm thinking of myself now, I think that I always was exactly like I am now. But today I viewed some my old written stuff and I must admit that I concluded that I went a long way in the recent 5 years (not to mention 10 years!). My way of writing has, of course, certain similarities, but there are also big differences.

Things I was writing about 5 or 10 years ago now seem to me to be surprisingly very basic - they had certain truth in it, but where less detailed than the stuff I used to write today, general, and - as mentioned - basic. When it changed, I have no idea, I cannot see the process which made this change.

How about you? Can you see any changes in yourselves in 10 years?