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Thread: My reason why I am here

  1. My reason why I am here

    I am here because I am the target of severe neg abuse. I have been to Church's seeking help and was told that I should pray and then turned away with me feeling like they did not believe me. I have been to doctors. I have been to doctors because of the physical damage the negs have caused to my body. I am in constant pain 24 hours a day with severe headaches. I also now have heart disease because I believe the negs actually attached to my heart area and feed directly on it which causes a very high heart rate with your regular beating. I am constantly fatigued because I believe that is also related to the negs feeding on me. I also have other medical conditions such as cysts on just about every organ on my body. The doctors prescribe me pills that do not seem to help and when I complain of the pain I am in 24/7 they seem not to believe me and referred me to a psychiatrist. When I told the psychiatrist that I believe that I am being attacked by by negs and and some of the symptoms I have such as hearing voices I was diagnosed with mental illness. Again I was prescribed more pills that does not seem to help. My symptoms include as hearing voices, severe headaches and pain in other areas of the body. Many times I wake up from sleeping and find unexplained wounds on my body. I also believe that the negs attacking me have the ability to pull me out of my body while I am sleeping and take me to places where they can damage me while I am completely under some type of mind control and only have pieces of memory of what they did to me. There have been times when I smelled things that should have not been in the location of where I am at such as my home. I have a constant electrical like vibration in my body which I believe the negs are entering my body and feeding on me from the inside. This occurs almost all day long but seems to be lowered by soaking my feet and heavily salted water and I do not have a bathtub otherwise I would take a full salt water soak in it. Last night was a really bad one as again I believe I was pulled out of my body while under mind control and taken to some area in another dimension where they gave me partial consciousness of where they set up illusions of me interacting with them and trying to instinctively defend myself with whatever abilities I may possess there. Then when I was taken back and thrown into my body I woke up and I could hear the negs talking. The other day when I woke up from such an encounter I was so ill that I fell to the floor choking and going into convulsions. I have used countermeasures such as using magnets, conductive fabric, herbs and running water. I have been battling this thing for many years now and I am alone without any support and that is what brought me here.

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    Re: My reason why I am here

    Welcome, Q.
    I see you've been reading the PS and the Neg Abuse subforums. I hope they are of help.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.


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