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Thread: Transformation

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    Re: Transformation

    Here we go: Reduce it to perfection principles, and there are three:
    - love
    - truth
    - freedom

    (thanks genius).

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    Re: Transformation

    My clairaudience has inherited this expression, "doing it."

    "we'll do it"
    "don't do it"
    "you're doing it"

    And doing it is just getting with the program!

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    Re: Transformation

    I have found that the soul star chakra point is key to the process of transformation and indeed the next plane of reality in its finality. It serves to reprove grace and respect, by knowingly receiving the permanent truth of Self. Ultimately, and in my case never, people insult and betray if they believe that you are royalty - you see the example of Jesus, or Zeus. Or Osama Bin Laden, former prince of persia. Hehe. You can't gett'em. A meditation.

    magic white light over the head, sprinkle shower down and tell who what it is

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    Re: Transformation

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Does anybody have a perspective on the laws of natural justice?
    Yeah. The transformation that you mentioned in practice...*


    After the transformation:

    Trust your first impression.

    * It's really an illusion that you need like anything.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Transformation

    Nothing is more spiritual than the physical.

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    Re: Transformation

    Nothing is more natural than spirit.

    Nothing is more spiritual than nature (prakriti).

    Everything is either nothing, or it's spirit.

    Something for men wanting to be a teenage girl. Start the transformation* with anything basic that transforms your smelling - easy stuff:

    Here's the secret magic potion - only few dollars:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Cobain
    Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
    * Be yourself (natural), or be nothing.
    Otherwise, you would end up like these men used to call themselves Wachowski brothers in the past, now they are women calling themselves Wachowski sisters:


    Yes - these are those who convinced us that we live in the matrix.
    Last edited by Antares; 30th April 2021 at 06:10 PM.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: Transformation

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris
    By name by nature - I am quite convinced that the (get me) law honour can't just change a birth certificate to female, feminine yes, though. There are rights too, in this sexualised personality - anonymity. Why the hell would you do it while posing as a rock star? Me, I am keeping 'the secret' and doing what I naturally promise... since 2009/2012-2011, I might be done.

    The law of challenges: By my inspiration inspiration I am righteous.
    The law of secrecy: By your inspiration I am fair.

    How is that for Yang and Yin?
    Come as you are and to think of it, the true definition of religion is sex without quality.

    edit: i want truth in'it.

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    Re: Transformation

    They have a sweet temptation, however which is parallel - that word's a subject, though...
    The sweet temptation is called "lust." Apparently, men have this other thing called "force," which is a negative mania.
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    Re: Transformation

    If mania could find the God that was not just a petty Christian man - woman and man, ascended.

    i Am sure that the Force of tEmpatation is wise!

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