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Thread: Ping-pong effect

  1. Ping-pong effect

    Sorry if it was already there, but I didn't find it. Some time ago, I tried to replicate the mind-splitting effect while OBE. I tried to open etheric eyes while standing in realtime body but I couldn't get two sets of memories. Just something strange mind blowing happend that I cannot normaly remember.

    While my other experiments I "dived" into my physical body after 20 seconds being out of it to discover transition process of coming back.

    The senses jumped from body to body with a frequency inversely proportional to the distance between the bodies, like a pingpong ball bouncing off rackets. When the bodies were aligned in space, these jumps developed into continuous "those" vibrations. At the same time, there was a "rattle" in the ears with the same "pattern" as the vibrations. Very similar, if you blow into a running fan.

    I often heard this rattle when I exit out of body and my double is still laying in a bed. But never before while return

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    Re: Ping-pong effect

    Those are energy sounds, part of the possible transition symptoms you might have. Check out this thread:
    The strobing here-there effect is what happens when your brain has trouble accepting you can be in two places at a time, and sequentializes the experience of bilocation.
    AD Pedia:

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