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Thread: The Game of throne

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    Cool The Game of throne

    The winter is coming, and the signs are clear. Imagine a global game on some planet, called "kingdom". Once there were a number of thrones there taken by some cunning people, less or more pretending that they are not totalitary oriented. Sometimes even making an illusion of democracy.

    As the technology advanced, it became clear that there is only one throne, not many: throne of the whole kingdom. Those, who had anything to say in the world - not necesserily directly - had taken over many resources, again not necesserily directly. And they continue this game to this day.

    The resources cover, among others:
    - the puppets (the higher position of the puppet, the better resource he or she is)
    - a money printer (not money)
    - data bases of the citizens
    - influence on the organizations
    - influence on the forces
    - corruption techniques
    - media
    - medical laboratories

    The best strategy to win the throne is not causing a war - it is the worst strategy. The best strategy is to combine some or all of those resources together, and convince the citizens (whose "world" now are glass screens through which they are told what is "happening", or at least what they "should" think is happening) to be conflicted - for any reason, like justice or religion - and fight each other. In such a chaotic situation it's easy to win any game. If one resource fails, you have another one.

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: The Game of throne

    Part of the map of the kingdom (the prisoners are actually the citizens - in the kingdom there is a geleitrecht needed to cross a boundary, being the result of one of the recent dispositons to the citizens of the hidden pretenders to the throne):

    Always check with your inner self if anything sounds true to you

    note that the inner self is beyond the intellect with which you identify

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    Re: The Game of throne

    Reminds me of Risk.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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