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Thread: Stopping tingling on the side of the head

  1. Stopping tingling on the side of the head

    I have been under severe demonic attack for many years. One of the things I experience is a strong tingling that starts on the side of my head and sometimes can even enter it. That combined with other methods of attack can be very hard to overcome. I cannot guarantee the following will work for everyone but it does work for me. I took a Foursquare inch of copper and attached it to pipe hanger strap. Whenever the tingling starts at the side of my head I put it on sort of like a headband but only with the copper attached to it. The tingling will usually subside within seconds before it becomes overpowering. I hope this helps someone who may be facing a situation such as the one I am in. Good luck to you.

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    Re: Stopping tingling on the side of the head

    General problems of the head can be solved in the centering of self in reality - it would be true to say that you are not alone otherwise. Problems with the face are cured by the Hu sound.
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