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Thread: Mental effects on visual modality

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    Mental effects on visual modality

    If you look at something bright for a while, you can see the afterimage with your eyes closed. You all know that, of course. I found that the images generated in a dream also leave such an imprint when you suddenly wake up, or balance between sleep and reality. The appearance of such afterimages is a good indicator of entering a dream (or trance, or OBE).

    It is quite possible to create such an image in a cheerful state, although it will be unstable and blurry. The easiest way is to close your eyes and very quickly draw a horizontal (or vertical, or diagonal, or even a cross) line in front of your face with your mental finger. Then you can see a fairly objective trace, which gradually fades out.

    If you quickly move your finger back and forth, the line becomes clearer and does not disappear. As you enter the trance, the line becomes not only more stable, but also begins to give in to control. You can rotate it in both directions, change its shape. For easier work with the visual modality, it will be better if a little light falls on the eyelids.

    I don't know if you need this information, but here it is

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    Re: Mental effects on visual modality

    Hi Leos,

    That effect sounds very interesting. I look forward to experimenting with this and exploring it. I wonder what uses this might lead to....

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    Re: Mental effects on visual modality

    Quote Originally Posted by Jexx View Post
    I wonder what uses this might lead to....
    Presumably, there are two problems that you can try to solve this way. The first is to try to cure eye diseases. The second is the entry into a lucid dream through images. With dreams, it's pretty clear, I guess. You play with the formation of images until they become vivid and you find yourself already in a dream.

    Vision is more difficult. I've been discovering the Bates method some time ago. I tried to practice, but did not achieve significant success. It is difficult to identify the correlation between the Bates method and the mental line effect, but in the near future I want to try to do this more closely.

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