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Thread: Note to S'elves

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    Note to S'elves

    A change is as good as a holiday. How good is a holiday? Well there are three levels of good:

    - highest good: peace, confidence and good order
    - normal to sound: life, death and rebirth
    - morality: lessons learned

    Now, in any situation involving God (ie good) you might be best with your wisdom not your idiot. Aside from that, enjoy this change without the presumption of bad, in you too, for that is the holiday you just "won."
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    Re: Note to S'elves

    I have thinking wrong.
    I have been thinking that I am not from a right planet.
    I have been thinking that the right planet is this planet instead.
    I have been thinking of truth since then.

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    Re: Note to S'elves

    If a system represents its egoic aspects as grandeur it is a jail. On the contrary, jail is not for prisoners of society more than it is a celebration of something other. Something called truth, not found in hospitals, by the way, means that the authority is sound and the world is round. What do I really mean here? You cannot have a place and time that is not orderly - chaos is collective death - you have a system that wants something, and you should know that life is good.

    Hospitals for that, represented by an egoic anonymity, respect rights. And rights are worldly, applicable in general while you know that way.

    There is always something to do - where you are holds keys:
    - being wise
    - doing what you must
    - talking to other people, and
    - spirituality is reasonable anywhere you should know

    Technology answers the interesting question of "when am I going to be happy?" When you want something and go fetch it! Money is energy now.
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