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Thread: Edda and Veda

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    Edda and Veda

    Today after awake I heard a voice telling about Edda (the old Vikings' texts) being the first part of Veda (the ancient Indian texts). This surprised me. I instantly recalled that India is believed to have been invaded by Aryan people from the North - with blond hair and blue eyes.

    I tried to search on the internet on this, and found something interesting here:

    Edda” itself may be derived from the Sanskrit veda, or sacred vidyä, both of which are terms for “knowledge;” cognates include the German wissen, the Swedish veta, and the old English wit, for “to know” (Titchenell, p. 20).

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    Re: Edda and Veda

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    Re: Edda and Veda

    Yep. That's what my thesis was about in college- Harappa.
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